When the whole world rejects you, Stop at PEKA Halfway House


Empowering Vulnerable People to Improve Social Welfare


Creating New Rehabilitation Options for Drug Users to a Better Life
Welcome to PEKA Halfway House
We are a Halfway House which is the Service of PEKA Association (Caring to Others).

We established since 2010 and have provided services to several communities.

Drug Users




PEKA Association Divisions

SDT Service

Information about drug addiction, addictive and substance dependency treatment (SDT).

Prison Program

Information, education and basic health services for prisoners or ex-inmates.

Smart Choice

Prevention and skill training programs for adolescents.

PEKA Legal Aid

PEKA Legal Aid Institutions that provide legal services in the drug area.
PEKA. Transforming Lives through Voluntary Drug Treatment

Hendro, changed his life for the better with PEKA Halfway House. PEKA program is very helpful Hendro in finding solutions to the problem. With PEKA, Hendro helped in the treatment and also his life and family became better.

PEKA hopes that vulnerable people, especially drug users, can visit PEKA’s halfway house and change their lives for the better with the volunteering program we provide.

PEKA Halfway House, where to reach all your dreams. 

In PEKA Halfway House, all vulnerable people can achieve their dreams. All the new things, education, stock and science, PEKA provides for you in order to achieve a better future.

Our team, PEKA, is always eager to encourage you to be even better. In order to be the Sun. The sun always shines on Earth with all its heart.

PEKA. How Volunteering Changes Lives

Young volunteers are brightening their day with songs, dances and other entertainment for the elderly at elderly social homes.

For the volunteers, help is a way to overcome the discrimination they experienced as people who use drugs.

This program is part of the voluntary substance dependency rehabilitation treatment provided by a community-based organization, PEKA Halfway House.

Testimonials from Clients and Government
The programs and values of PEKA made me into myself.

I also get moral support which until now is still well maintained, so I feel PEKA is part of the family, and to my knowledge 100% of clients in PEKA come voluntarily.

Edo Nasution

PEKA is an organization that I think has been tested and has quite a very worthy experience to be rewarded.

To motivate other communities to remain consistent and focused on striving on this path.

Dr. Bima Arya

Mayor of Bogor, Bogor City Government

If I think the feeling of kinship between clients and staff is very high. The benefits are many, I feel reborn in this world with a normal and healthy life.

PEKA is very helpful for us to reach friends who need treatment, which requires HIV testing.
dr. Evi Afifah

doctor, Marzoeki Mahdi Hospital

Organizations that Support PEKA

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