Bogor city government believes HIV / AIDS is a very serious problem. Until now the problem of HIV / AIDS is still a phenomenon of icebergs. Therefore it is necessary to collaborate with relevant agencies to struggle to tackle this big problem. Including collaboration with Addiction Recovery Community Association (PEKA) and UNAIDS to handle HIV / AIDS in Bogor City to be more serious.

Thus described Bogor Mayor Bima Arya during filming with PEKA and UNAIDS shelter homes related to the handling of HIV AIDS in the city of Bogor on Thursday (05/12/2016) in the living room of Mayor Bogor, Jalan Juanda 10 Bogor.

“We need the collaboration and synergy that we build with all elements of society, especially communities that are already struggling and doing activities from upstream to downstream in order to address the issue of HIV AIDS in the city of Bogor,” said Bima.

Bima believes that the partnership to be built will continue to be strengthened. Bima sees these communities as having the most significant strength, the power of power or spirit based on an uninterrupted struggle. “So we feel the need to embrace collaboration with these communities to deal with the shortcomings, limitations of the City Government, both in terms of knowledge of understanding or in terms of budget allocations and so on,” said Bima.

Bima said that PEKA is one of the long-standing communities to tackle HIV and Drug issues. And the most special of PEKA’s is how they strive for everything themselves how they struggle to find funding to finance their activities.

“How can they focus on efforts to encourage these former users to get back to their surroundings well with full readiness. PEKA I think has been tested and enough with a very worthy experience to motivate other communities to remain inconsistent and focused to fight in this way, ” said Bima.

Source: Bogor City Government

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