Rehabilitation for the true drug addicts varies, depending on the severity and type of substance used. However, most rehabilitation centers have the same target, ie total abstinence or discontinuation of substance use at all.

This is not seen in PEKA Halfway House, a community-based rehabilitation center located in the city of Bogor. Rather than forcing addicts to do therapy for total abstinence, PEKA Halfway House chooses to prioritize client-based rehabilitation and improved quality of life.

“Most places of rehab in Indonesia are aimed at making addicts stop using drugs, but after he comes out of rehab is not considered, which will lead to former addicts return to the old environment and eventually relapse or relapse again,” said Lucky Pramitasari, Program Manager PEKA Halfway House, to detikHealth, Jl. Sindang Barang Jero No.50, Bogor Barat, Kota Bogor, recently.

Lucky said PEKA Halfway House is present as an alternative place of rehabilitation. Putting forward the concept of client-based therapy, Lucky and other counselors at PEKA Halfway House are trying to make the quality of life of addicts increasing without forcing them to undergo a total abstinence.

“So we’re more into how to make their lives better, and rehabilitation is also because we are working with puskesmas for oral therapy or other treatment, but in addition to rehab we also give soft skills how to communicate and vocational skills for work,” she added. this University of Indonesia clinical psychology program.

Lucky confirmed, the rehabilitation process in PEKA Halfway House is not charged a dime. The clients are given a place to sleep, eat, even soft skills and skills education for free to restore their social function.

Some soft skills taught include the ability to communicate with family, including parents, siblings, wives or children. According to Lucky, this ability is very important because addicts are usually ostracized from the family.

The ability of soft skills is important to restore their function, which has children can again become a father and that there are still parents can return to become a child, “he said.

For skill, PEKA Halfway House has several businesses, namely laundry, carpentry and screen printing. This effort is the main source of income to run PEKA Halfway House when the shortage of donors.

Reason Name PEKA

As a halfway house where the rehabilitation of addicts, of course there are some things that attract attention. One of them is the reason why it is called PEKA Halfway House.

PEKA itself is also an acronym of the Addiction Recovery Community Association. Lucky also said the word PEKA in Indonesian has a sensitive or easy feeling. Hopefully, people can be more sensitive to the problems faced by victims of addiction.

His experience as a counselor makes Lucky understand that the main problem of addicts is their relationship with family. They have a low self-esteem so that even though it has changed for the better, it is not considered progress.

“They are classified as lacking in self-esteem, so it’s all or nothing, if it’s not really a bit of a kece, even though a progress from the previous one is driven away from home can finally come back, although sometimes it’s still suspect. That’s natural, “said Lucky.

In the future, Lucky hopes the rehabilitation therapy model for more drug addicts. Because it can not be denied, drug rehabilitation therapy can not be generalized to all addicts.

“There is a problem on the spiritual side, some to the community, some are traditional, but this rehabilitation can not be standardized because one of the clients is different, the type of substance used is different and the old one is different,” he explained.


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