Located at Makodim 0606 / Bogor City, Jl Sudirman, Pabaton Sub-District, Bogor Tengah Sub-District, Bogor City, PEKA Halfway House (Rehabilitation Organization for Narcotics City & Bogor District) held Revitalization of Youth Pledge on Sunday (29/10/2017).

The event commemorate the Youth Pledge Day 2017 which was attended by about 750 participants from all elements of youth in Bogor City, Asperbangkesra Bogor City Government opened, Edgar Suratman, with Theme “To Our Country Worship, To Our Communities Giving, To Our Friends Sharing”.

“With the implementation of this Revitalization activity is expected to minimize the problem of young people, for the younger generation and will create public support about the need for positive activities for the younger generation. Going forward the younger generation was able to create activities or programs that can build the soul and young mental better, ” said Edgar in his speech.

While the famous artist Slank Bimbim band said, he was very happy with digelarnya revitalization event youth oath that presents the officials of Bogor City. “I am very happy with the bogor community and the city government officials who participated in this event,” he said.

This activity is in addition to being a socialization event and information of Smart Choice Program, also Deklasari Revitalisasi Sumpah Pemuda and signing Inscription Revitalisasi Sumpah Pemuda.

The event was attended also Kasrem 061 / SK, Dandim 0606 / Bogor City, Central Bogor Police Headquarters, Central Bogor Danramil, Kodim Staff 0606 / Bogor City. Bim Bim Slank, Student & Student, Bogor City, Bogor City Street Musician and Bogor City Community.

Source: inilahonline.com

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