Prison program was initiate to provide services for inmates and ex-inmates in relation to health, life-skill for social re-integration.


Service provision inside the prison includes:

  • Medical Check-up

In partnership with health care provider. We facilitate periodic  medical check up for inmates that are not available in the prison clinic. This health test is to identify and prevent the spread of sexual transmitted disease and other blood borne viruses commonly found amongst inmates.

  • Medical Assistance

Every client with problematic medical condition will be assisted by us to receive proper treatment by our health care provider partner.

  • Counseling

Understanding that prison setting is a stress-full environment. We provide counseling service for inmates to help them to find a way in resolving their day to day problem.

  • Support Group TB dan HIV

This activity aim to provide a supportive forum for inmates that are infected with TB and/or HIV. Here they can empower and support each other in various matter including issues about their medical treatment.

  • Education

This service aim to empower inmates to prepare them for social re-integration, through seminars and group discussion on various topics from the negative impact of drug use to life-skill.


This program is devised for ex-inmates in their transition phase of social re-integration:

  • Support Group

This service provides positive forum for ex-inmates to empower each other.

  • Counseling

PEKA Halfway House also provides counseling for ex-inmates in assisting them through their transition phase.

  • Medical Assistance

This service facilitate the continuance of treatment of inmate after their release.

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