As the fundamental pillar during the establishment of PEKA, Substance Dependency Treatment is a service program delivers by Rumah Singgah PEKA (PEKA Halfway House).

A client-centered method with a Tailor-made treatment program on substance dependency, is our approach. It Is an approach where we deliver the service-based on the client’s respective assessment result and their personal target related to the impact of their substance dependency problem. On substance dependency treatment  Rumah Singgah PEKA provides two main program:

  • In-patient

In-patient program is devised for client with assessment result that indicate mid to high severity on their substance dependency. Based on their progress, the period of this intensive program may vary from one to six month. After the client achieved the desired target that is set together with the counselor prior to program commencement. The client will move to out-patient program to maintain their target.

  • Out-patient

Out-patient program is devised for clients that are unable to undergo treatment through in-patient scheme, due to personal reason. Mainly this program accommodate client with assessment result that indicate mild severity on their substance dependency. The minimum care period is three to six months.


Fundamental service provision related to treatment is also available:

  • Medical Check-up

Every client will receive periodic health test to determine their medical condition.

  • Medical Assistance

Every client with problematic medical condition will be  assisted to receive proper treatment by our health care provider partner.

  • Counselling

In-House Psychologist and certified Substance Abuse Counselor, are available to provide periodic counseling service during or even after treatment to assist the client in resolving problem.

  • Support Group

This service provides a healthy and supportive environment amongst client, to support them in maintaining their recovery during and even after the completion of their treatment program.

  • Life Skill Training

To empower our clients in overcoming future problems in life, we provide life-skill training with various topics such as stress management, Relapse Management, Priority Scale, Decission Making, etc.

  • Vocational Activity

As a means to re-integrate our client into the society after treatment period. We provide activity that is selected in regards to every client’s interest, aimed to equip them with income generating skill.

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